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The Temptation To Exist

by Pete Swinton



E.M. Cioran was born in Romania in 1911 and died in Paris, France in 1995. He was a philosopher who followed the path of Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein.

" Meaning is beginning to date. We do not spend much time in front of a canvas whose intentions are plain ; music of a specific character, unquestionable contours, exhausts our patience ; the over-explicit poem seems ... incomprehensible. The dynasty of intelligibility is drawing to its close ; what self-evident truth deserves the effort of being stated ? What can be communicated is not worth lingering over. Are we to infer that only "mystery" can arrest our attention ? It is no less tiresome than the obvious. I mean mystery in the full sense of the word, as it has been conceived until our own time. Our mystery, purely formal, is the last resort of minds disillusioned by clarity, a hollow profundity that is a match for the stage of art where no one is fooled, where in literature, in music, in painting, we are contemporaries of every style. Eclecticism, if it wounds inspiration, widens horizons, permits us to take advantage of all traditions. It liberates the theoretician but paralyses the creator, to whom it opens perspectives that are too vast : the work of art is produced alongside or outside of knowledge. If today's artist takes refuge in obscurity, it is because he can no longer create with what he knows. The extent of his information has turned him into a commentator, an Aristarchus without illusions. To safeguard his originality he has no recourse save an excursion into the unintelligible. He will therefore abandon the facts inflicted on him by an erudite and barren age. If he is a poet, he discovers that none of his words, in its legitimate acceptation, has a future : if he wants them to be viable, he must fracture their meaning, court impropriety."

From "The Temptation To Exist" ch.8 Beyond The Novel. (1956) E.M. Cioran


released October 8, 2021

Composed and performed by Pete Swinton

Recorded and mixed at Studio Kaktus, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 2021
Produced by Pete Swinton 2021
Copyright 2021 Pete Swinton
All Rights Reserved Pete Swinton 2021



all rights reserved



Pete Swinton Indonesia

Pete Swinton is a half Hungarian, half Polish man born in London, UK in 1961. Since 2015 he has lived in Jawa, Indonesia. He began playing guitar in the '70s. He started playing keyboards in the 2000s. He makes Ambient and Experimental music. And a cross between the 2 which he calls Insanbient music. He likes cats and motorbikes. ... more

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